Chapter 1: How it started.

RUMS! RUMS! “What was that? Is it that time again? I can’t do this anymore.” It was the mother banging on the door again, as she did every morning. “KIOWA WOLF, GET UP!!! You’re late for work again.” “I’m already awake”; Kiowa snarled back. He laboriously rolled out of bed got ready and went to work.

The sun was already high in the sky. Kiowa walked through the forest like every day to get to work. He dreamt to himself like every day: “Can this really be it? Do I have to do something I don’t want to do for the rest of my life? How could I know that I don’t enjoy my job? At school I was never shown what kind of job I could enjoy. And now this, the same thing every day. I have no other choice, I have to go to work to earn money. Fuck money, everything is based on money.”

When he arrived at work, he did the same dull tasks as every day. He had no idea that today his life would change forever.

“Phew, that sucked again,” Kiowa thought to himself, “now it’s almost dark again when I get home. I don’t have any time left for myself. In four hours I have to sleep again.”
When he walked through the forest again, it felt different from normal. “What is this feeling? Is someone watching me?” Kiowa looked around but saw nothing out of the ordinary. He kept walking and after a few minutes he saw a figure standing in front of him on the path. Kiowa squinted his eyes to see better. The twilight made it darker in the forest. He walked slowly and called out to the figure, “Hello?” Nothing, he got no answer. He walked on and came closer and closer to the dark figure. It was a man who looked to be between 30 and 40 years old. He was about 1.75m tall and had dark brown hair. He seemed very mysterious and yet there was nothing evil about his aura. “Hello Kiowa, I was expecting you” said the figure. “How does he know my name”.

“Hello who are you and how do you know my name”; asked Kiowa in a trembling voice.
“My name is Satoshi Nakamoto, I have heard your thoughts, I am here to change your life”. “What is happening here?” thought Kiowa “Who is this madman?”

“I have something here for you”; said Satoshi and handed Kiowa a USB stick. “On this USB stick is everything you need to know.” Kiowa took the USB stick carefully in her hand and examined it. “What is…?” Kiowa wanted to look at Satoshi and ask him what the USB stick was about. But he had disappeared.


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